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Fire Department of Mission, Texas presents equipment donated to Fco. I. Madero, Coahuila

Evento Misson Day en Austin, Texas 2013Fco. I. Madero, Coahuila | March 6th, 2013.- The Sister Cities Commission established in the state of Texas, in the United States sent a donation of several uniforms and protective equipment for the Fire Department of Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila, México, said Mayor Christopher Marrufo Lopez.

The two complete uniforms were warmly received by the Fire officer corps, this because unfortunately, the protective equipment they use every day to meet the aid and fire, is in poor condition.

"The equipment donated was not new, but is in better condition than the equipment our firefighters have here," commented the local firefighter.

Mayor Christopher Marrufo Lopez explained that since he was named honorary president of the Sister Cities program in 2011, they have managed to obtain equipment for the Fire Department, as well as Red Cross and Civil Protection in several municipalities.

After doing some informal visits to the State of Texas, it was achieved the donation of the uniforms, but they have also spoken about buses, minibuses and ambulances.

The mayor said that with the arrival of the uniforms is contemplated a return visit next month of April to the United States, to establish new ties and further, because the municipal authorities of that country are willing to make a larger donation.

"They know the facilities and conditions found in the Fire Department, so through Sister Cities, new grants will be made, this time seeking a donation of a conveyance for any of the three departments, the same Fire Department, Civil Defense and Red Cross.

The visit will be made to the municipalities of Mission, Santa Barbara, Mc Allen, the three of them in Texas, places where Sister Cities is committed to helping Mexican municipalities.

Seeking support for the following departments:
⇒ The Fire Department.
⇒ Coordination of Civil Protection.
⇒ Material and equipment for the Red Cross.



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