Asociación de Ciudades Hermanas A.C



Códigos Ciudades HermanasThe following is the proposal of a basic code of conduct that is embodied in the four pillars of respect, friendship, brotherhood and love, holding a sister city relationship lasting. These principles will increase our ability to develop a real and responsible citizen diplomacy and being a sister city to produce more effective successful experiences within communities of sister cities.

1. - We believe in respect and promote the dignity, value, and sacredness of every human person, including of course ourselves.

2. - We honestly, our minds and hearts to discover, consent and free from prejudices, impulses of selfishness, discrimination, oppression, violence and unexamined opinions, thought and without trial.

3. - We receive the dialogue between us in which we hear talk sincerely and honestly in an atmosphere of freedom and genuine respect.

4. - We honor the convictions for which people live, but how we perceive differs.

5. - Live under the ethical values ​​and basic rules, rooted in common human nature, confirmed and clarified in our own spiritual identity, emotional and intellectual.

6. - We share our dreams, ideals, deepest desires, hopes and aspirations for peace in the world and continued support from all of us working seeking reward.

7. - Together we looking for the understanding of the human spirit that captures us all and strengthens our ability to be more effective citizen diplomats.

8. - While we respect and honor that which separates, also rejoice in what unites.

9. - Crowned every effort to live in fellowship of others, including sacrificing love for others. We are honest with ourselves when we approach others.

10. - We are grateful for our blessings and hopeful about our struggles. Celebrating life as a human family where people love and becomes important for others.



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